ToLoveorNotToLove: A Street View

I have been working on mending my relationship with my father, an invisible figure for much of my life. I have had to deal with fears of intimacy, constant suspicion of disloyalty and an inability to grasp monogamy, and the difficulties associated of his absence. Following couples who live on the street, able to stay together and commit to each other, even under strains of ‘hard living’, temporary shelter and ‘below-the-breadline’ income, inspires me to concede that no matter the challenge, loving is possible. I still needed to prove this to myself. Through this project I have perceived my own fear of attachment, a twisted sense of freedom and the harsh expectations I anticipate from my partner, that now seem too unreasonable. I am honoured and humbled to have had the privilege to access people’s lives and stories intimately. I am grateful that I have built trust between us, which encourages them to open up to me even though they do not really know me at all.