Be it commissions by N.G.O’s, gallery invitations to group shows, or assignments that lean heavily on her artistic inclinations, Noncedo’s work is a balance between her warm, engaging spirit, her intuitive approach and a considerate eye as a photographer.

Her observational and street photography seems filled with her natural curiosity and the magical encounters and characters she happens upon. She is able to spot patterns and moments and capture them from a distance without seeming removed, or from up close without being obtrusive. There is a lyricism and spontaneity that is present in this casual work of hers, but also in her more formal approaches.

Her portraiture invites a collaborative nature with some, and with others a genuine trust, not just to have reaffirmed how they see themselves as creatives, but a willingness to have themselves revealed through Noncedo’s eyes. 

The photographic gaze rewarded, an ongoing sense of seeing and being seen.

1/2 of Carbon Copy.